Chapter 6 Classification

The classification() function is one of the workhorses of the taxize package.

A taxonomic classification - or hierarchy - is a fundamental set of information about any taxon. Biological taxonomy is arranged in a hierarchical fashion, with each species taxon name fitting into genera, and genera fitting into families, and so on all the way up to just a few categories of very high level organization.

6.1 Usage


classification() has a number of high level features:

  • It is vectorized. That is, it accepts any number of inputs and the output length should equal the input length
  • It accepts various inputs:
    • Taxonomic names as character strings
    • Taxonomic identifiers as character stings or numeric values
    • Any output of the various get_*() functions
  • When there is data available, it always returns a data.frame, facilitating use downstream

6.2 Other sections?