Chapter 2 Introduction

2.1 User interface

taxize is designed around making certain use cases easier - abstracting away the details of what each taxonomic data source requires for that use case.

Some of the use cases covered in taxize:

  • Taxonomic identifier from a taxonomic name
  • Taxonomic name from a taxonomic identifier
  • Taxonomic name from a vernacular name
  • Vernacular name from a taxonomic name
  • Taxonomic hierarchy/classification from identifier or name
  • Children of an identifier or name
  • Immediate names above an identifier or name
  • All taxa downstream to a certain rank from identifier or name
  • Taxonomic name synonyms from identifier or name
  • Lowest common taxon and rank for an identifier or name
  • Resolve taxonomic names, i.e., fix spelling errors
  • Make a taxonomic tree from identifiers or names