Chapter 3 Data sources

Data sources in taxize are presented below.

Note that data sources in taxize may change through time as data sources go away and new ones become available.

Souce Function prefix API Docs API key
Encylopedia of Life eol link none
Taxonomic Name Resolution Service tnrs none none
Integrated Taxonomic Information Service itis link none
Global Names Resolver gnr link none
Global Names Index gni link none
IUCN Red List iucn link link
Tropicos tp link link
Theplantlist dot org tpl ** none
National Center for Biotechnology Information ncbi none none
CANADENSYS Vascan name search API vascan link none
International Plant Names Index (IPNI) ipni none none
Barcode of Life Data Systems (BOLD) bold link none
National Biodiversity Network (UK) nbn link none
Index Fungorum fg none none
EU BON eubon link none
Index of Names (ION) ion link none
Open Tree of Life (TOL) tol link none
World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) worms link none
NatureServe natserv link link
Wikipedia wiki link none
Kew’s Plants of the World pow none none