Chapter 9 Other packages

9.1 packages taxize leverages

There’s a number of packages that taxize builds on:

You can use these packages individually if you’re only interested in the data from that one data source. Furthermore, each of these packages has more functionality for dealing with that specific data source. The benefit of using taxize is that it attemps to make a more consistent interface across the different data sources.

9.1.1 package: bold

The bold package interfaces with BOLD Systems which hosts barcoding data, and includes taxonomic information.

9.1.2 package: rredlist

The rredlist package interfaces with IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. They have various kinds of data around the life history of the various threatneed species, including taxonomic information.

Important: An API key is required for this package. Request one at It is not unusual to have to wait many weeks to get your key.

9.1.3 package: rotl

The rotl package interfaces with the Open Tree of Life, curating an open phylogenetic tree of all life.

9.1.4 package: ritis

The ritis package interfaces with the Integrated Taxonomic Information Service, taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi, and microbes of North America and the world.

9.1.5 package: worrms

The worrms package interfaces with the World Register of Marine Species, an authoritative classifcation and catalogue of marine names.

9.1.6 package: natserv

The natserv package interfaces with the NatureServe, a biodiversity database.

9.1.7 package: wikitaxa

The wikitaxa package interfaces with Wikispecies, Wikidata, and Wikipedia, facilitating extraction of taxonomic name information from each site.